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Develop advanced research skills
in the discipline of your choice.
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Graduate Studies

Higher Learning for Higher Achievement

Colorado State University-Pueblo
2200 Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo, CO 81001
Phone: 719.549.2559
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Carefully chosen courses, taught by nationally recognized professors, are at the core of our advanced degree programs. And, as a student interested in pursuing one of these challenging yet rewarding degrees, you’ll be pleased to know CSU-Pueblo offers so many options for graduate work.

The mission of Graduate Studies is to promote and support academic excellence in graduate education and programs that prepare students for careers with impact to regional, state and national areas of priority. 

PDF IconEducational Attainment in the United States

PDF IconSTEM Education: Preparing Jobs of the Future

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011……

  • A BS degree pays 37% more than an AS degree
  • A Master degree pays 20% more than a BS degree
  • A professional degree pays 58% more than a BS degree
  • A PhD pays 47% more than a BS degree​
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Education Pays

Take the first step towards reaching your goals by contacting a program director in your area of interest:

Two CSU-Pueblo students on campus

Masters of Science in Biology
Director of Program: Dr. Dan Caprioglio
Phone: 719.549.2027

Master of Business Administration
Director of Program: Kristyn White Davis
Phone: 719.549.2155

Master of Science in Chemistry or Biochemistry
Director of Program: Dr. Richard Farrer
Phone: 719.549.2689

Master of Education
Director of Program: Dr. Jeff Piquette
Phone: 719.549.2825

Master of Science in Engineering
Director of Program: Dr. Neb Jaksic
Phone: 719.549.2112

Master of Arts in English
Director of Program: Iver Arnegard
Phone: 719.549.2623

Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering
Director of Program: Dr. Leonardo Bedoya-Valencia
Phone: 719.549.2788

Masters of Science in Nursing
Director of Program: Dr. Joe Franta, or Patricia Keller
Phone: 719.549.2485 or 719.549.2409
E-mail: or​​​ ​​​​​